Dating guys twice your age

Also, how does that work as time goes on? When one spouse is 80ish the other is 40ish.

Dating a Guy Double Your Age

Or even if its 50 and How much could you possibly have in common at that point? It was actually illegal. We watched the same TV programmes, liked the same bands, enjoyed the same music and festivals and, importantly, were doing very similar things when significant world events occurred. So, for example, we voted in the same elections and took part in the same demonstrations against the invasion of Iraq.

The oldest I ever went was 10 years my senior, and the gap sometimes felt huge. Heck, it sometimes feels big with 4 years, when we talk about stuff from our childhood.

(Closed) Dating/Marrying someone half your age?

I usually judge extreme age differences 20 plus years pretty hard. We were at completely different places in our lives and every time I looked at him he just looked like a baby to me and that was not particularly comfortable. I would not do this. Relationships with more than an eight year difference never seem to work, in my viewing experience.

If they do, good for them.

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Most of his kids are older than me and we have one together. I always hung out with my parents and other adults though growing up, never anyone my age, I always thought people my age were dumb..

My husbandis 17 years older than me. He has taken good care of himself and has a lot of energy and is in great shape. I have no concerns about having to take care of him. To me, it is a non issue. If he was sick, it would be my honor to care for him.

How To Love A Man Twice Your Age

And honestly……this is where rubber meets the road with marriage vows. There is no gaurantee that just because you and your spouse are young that neither one of you will end up with a debilitating disease. I know that if things progress naturally, I will likely be a widow someday. I tend to be in denial about this, and have told my husband repeatedly that he is not allowed to die before he is !

Find support, ask questions, swap stories, and follow brides planning real weddings here on Weddingbee. We looked at each other and snickered, surprised our favorite manager and work companion was twice our ages. The first time we smoked with Aldo, it was a novelty.

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Me and Madelaine shared a blunt, like always. I remember the tension that night. We walked after work to a street abandoned with shops closed for the day. I caught him looking at me that night, when I was trying to look pretty and demure, playing with petals that had fallen on the ground. Me and Madelaine smoked every night we worked together, taking turns hotboxing our cars on the top story of the parking garage behind the restaurant. We laughed, he called us a pretzel as we got wrapped up in his bed, and I left abruptly when I remembered that he is my age plus He moved into a house around the corner and started walking to work.

And he always invited me in.

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I missed a few classes that finals week when I was teetering on the edge of his cliff, sleeping through my alarm to feel his warmth. He still scolds me for it. Mad came over every night. We smoked blunt after blunt when she finally learned how to roll them herself, and Aldo made me cocktails with rum.

Losing my virginity to someone twice my age

We played cards mostly and talked about the manager we hated at work. When Mad moved to Orlando to start summer session, I stayed with Aldo, and she checked up on us to make sure we were still happy and together.

Pros of Dating Pros

A relationship has never had a more competent advocate. I had just left my high school boyfriend. Sometimes his friends came over. A mutual friend once explained to a stranger that we had always been together. Divorced once but back together. When people came over, I showed off.