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We love to create something new, to bring fun and passion to other people. Developing games is the most interesting part: For nearly 10 years, we have realized many board games, trying to do better with each successive project! Edison, Tiny Epic Kingdoms and many others. Check our web site for more info: We have worked with many international partners, learning many things from them and improving our contribution to the production of many other games: In the first case, we have direct control over the entire printing process and we can intervene quickly to adjust for any potential issues where necessary.

In the second case, we may only interact with the publisher that prints the game, without any ability to make immediate changes during the production process. This means that once the games are printed by us, the shipping date that we have indicated in the project will be a reasonably safe deadline. While we are confident in our abilities to meet the designated timing, unfortunately, delays are always a possibility and this must be taken into account. It can happen also that the deliveries suffer a delay for reason out of our control and this should be taken in account.

Game specifications and components are to be considered indicative of the final product and may be changed during final production. Sometime there can be small vartiations between the pages of this project in the different languages.

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It is possible for the game's shipment to be scheduled to occur during a time frame close to a larger game fair, such as Essen Fair in Germany or Lucca Comics and Games in Italy. Attending these fair events is vital to the game's chances for success. Orders paid only partially will be awaiting full payment before being processed and shipped. Participation is bound to buy a reward. It can be done also during the pledge manager phase, if available.

We can not accept money as a donation. Any participations that do not end with the purchase of an asset will be canceled and refunded. After weeks from the campaign end, Pledge Manager will start.

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Pledge manager will be up for some days up to a specific deadline. We strongly reccomend all participants to complete the pledge manager within the expiry date. If not, please consider that: After that date all addon will available at normal price. Giochistarter users will be able to access to pledge manager simply opening their order page.

Kickstarter users will receive the access info by email. Warranty on game delivery.

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Then you may send the game at your expenses at the given address Rome, Italy. The game must arrive within 60 days from the shipment date and within 30 days from the delivery date. The game must be still in its plastic wrap or, if opened, it must be in perfect conditions, intact on any part and without any missing pieces. If a refund is not approved we may send you back the game, but you will be responsible for this new shipment cost.

Moreover, whether for any reason it were not possible to obtain the refund of the transation costs Paypal, credit card , these too will not be included. The refund will be available as a credit on Giochistarter, or, after specific request, given as a deposit on your Paypal account. We suggest to ship the game in a packaging that protects its content and also with a trackable shipment.

We will not be in any way responsible for damaged packages or lost shipments. It is possible to ask for a refund also when the games have not been shipped within 90 days from the announced shipping date. In this case as well you will have to contact us and apply your request. We reserve the right to separate the contents of an order into different shipments or to merge the contents of different orders in the same shipment to improve the shipment's delivery speed and any required logistics management. If this happens, there will not be any additional costs to you as a customer nor right to any refund.

Shipments made by courier or by insured postal service can be tracked and are considered insured. Shipments made by the postal service are not insured and cannot be traced. While rare it is also possible that a package may be lost 0. The insurance option for postal services costs an additional 3 euros. Please note that the postal service in the same case can be slow and may suffer several weeks of additional delay. This happens very rarely but it is still a possibility and is out of our control. If you would like a faster delivery, or wish to avoid any risk of a long delay in the arrival of the package, please use a courier service.

Courier shipment insures against package loss, destruction and package damage. Postal service insurance insures against package loss or destruction. Insurance requires a customer claim to be made when the package is delivered. This cost will also include the return costs of the game. On the other hand, if the error is ours, we will send it again to you at our expense. If the package is lost or destroyed, we will reship it at our expense only if it was insured.

Please note that we will not reship any game without first having investigated what happened to the first shipment. This can be processeed quickly through the courier service option, but may require an additional weeks through the postal service.

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If you live outside of the European Community, custom's taxes may be added. This usually doesn't happen for boardgames; however, please check your country's rules and regulations as this aspect will not be our responsibility. Here we present the stretch-goals which can be unlocked by individual campaign participants regardless of the total achieved by the project.

Personal Stretch-goal The campaign needs support from everyone to succeed, and most of all Ringleaders! Those who commit to publicize the campaign and its evolution both online and among their friends. The personal stretch goal is about that. You will gain points for every user who will click on your message.

At the top of the page you can see how many points you have. Gaining points you will obtain the following personal stretch goals: This token can provide instant MP bonus during the play. For those who are lazy, we have included this token also as addon, so that it can be obtained in any case. This card can be used as an alternative to one of the action cards of the game or as an additional card. Provides special items during the game. This card will be available only during the campaign and during the international Fairs for game launching.

Provides bonus resources during the game. This Pack was available to Products not available anymore.


This Pack was available to 9. Stretch-goals List Stretch-goals are additions or improvements that will be included to the game if the campaign collects a specific minimal amount: First player disc will be replaced by a special customized token mace shaped. All cards in the game will have a fantastic linen finish. All the participants in the campaign will receive the Magic Cauldron, a special token which allows additional clan members movement.

All the participants in the campaign will receive the Spring, a special action card which allows player to better use items. All the participants in the campaign will receive the Gladio, a special token which will influence the availability of the game action cards.

Game Releases by Score

Game cards will be improved with an unique illustration for each card. All the participants in the campaign will receive the Stone Circle, a special action card which allows player to better manage will-o-wisp tokens.

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Login to follow this project! This campain is ended, you can still buy it a copy of Samhain on giochix. You can login there with the same access info you use on Giochistarter and then purchase it. Welcome to trivia Samhain Contest! Each point gives you a chance to win the contest prizes. You have to login to be able to participate. We are proud to introduce you to the campaign for the realization of Samhain , a board game by Alessandro and Mauro Chiabotto, for players that lasts about 60 minutes. You, a 25 year old concierge at a top-class hotel in Japan; The Royal Shining, are the protagonist in this story.

However, on your first day of work on your new assignment, the Head Concierge collapses due to overwork?! The sadistic brothers determined to dominate you are: Satoshi Hino The eldest son, and owner of the English Branch of the hotel. The selfish type of sadist who only keeps women who are willing to listen to his orders around. He hasn't the time for women in his life and therefore comes off as a very emotionless, level-headed sadist.

Yuki Kaji A sadistic type of man who lures women in with sweet nothings and throws them away once he's done. Shizuka is used to the life of living in hotels, and aims to keep the main character as his personal concierge from now on. Minami is proudly living the American dream as Owner of the American Branch of the hotel. He takes after his American side, and is a very straight forward guy. As long as he's having fun he's happy, a sadist with a childish attitude.

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His musical tour brought him to Japan to perform, which is why he's staying at the hotel.