Dating becker pipes

Dating becker pipes

He approached Carmignani , one of Rome's oldesr and finest pipe shops, with a selection of his pipes and asked the owner to give them away as gifts to knowledgeable clients to get feedback from expert smokers vice versa. These pipes had no stampings or logo. The results were immediately very gratifying.

But Becker was aware, that pipe smokers and collectors might rarely ever judge a pipe received as a gift in the same way as a longly looked for and highly paid for. Taking the next step, the Beckers asked Carmignani in to sell a series of pipes made by them that were stamped "Carmignani- Hand Made". By the end of , the pipes had earned the respect and esteem of Carmignani clients and had gained a good portion of the market.

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So, in , the Becker brand was born and the "Carmignani" masquerade was abandoned. Becker pipes started to gain reputation and popularity when Fritz and Paolo Becker's work was discovered by Giorgio Musico , who was sales manager and co-owner of Carmignani now. Musico, tutoring many Italian pipemaker talents before, soon realized that the father and son team was producing something truly special and began selling Becker pipes.

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Becker pipes left the attic and migrated to a new workshop with considerable more space, and Paolo committed himself full time to pipemaking. Increasing production made it possible to expand sales to other well reputated pipe retail shops in Italy. Becker pipes also expanded on international markets - the United States, which had always been an important outlet for Italian handicrafts, becoming the most important one. Starting in the mid 70's, American pipe retailers had been coming to Italy looking for pipes to market in the States.

One of them, David Field, arrived at the Becker workshop in and offered to become the importer of Becker Pipes. Field's efforts made the pipes an immediate and lasting success in America. Sales to Switzerland, Austria or Germany suffered from neglected large scale distribution policies. Not only, as claimed, because care and respect for quality has always come before quantity, but in favor of the higher prices in the States! Proceeding in age Fritz Becker kept himself more in the background during the 's but kept working on his pipes and standing behind Paolo with advice and help. Well, Fritz Becker surely preferred the classic "English" shapes in particular, while Paolo dedicated himself more to the neo-classic styles.

Eventhough, all aspects of pipemaking were completed by both carvers involving the special skills of father and son. So it is practcally impossible to say "this is a Fritz" or "this is a Paolo" about the pipes from the 's to the 's. In Fritz Becker classified the pipe grades by using the universally known code of playing card symbols.

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This nomenclature, except for the more recent introduction of grades "A" "B" and "C", has remained unaltered and the stamps are still the original ones that have been used since For more detailed information see Paolo's website and continue to "Grades" and "Marks". Retrieved from " https: I got the product super quick. I am definitely a satisfied customer and will buy from them again. Once again, I received a lovely estate pipe from Neatpipes. Look for your next estate pipe at Neatpipes.

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You will not be disapponted. Wonderful to deal with these folks. Pipa arrivata con spedizione rapida. Pienamente soddisfatto grazie alla prossima roberto.

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Henning , Denmark Once again, I received a lovely estate pipe from Neatpipes. Read more Once again, I received a lovely estate pipe from Neatpipes. Daniel , United States of America Wonderful to deal with these folks. Read more Wonderful to deal with these folks. Roberto , Italy Pipa arrivata con spedizione rapida.