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Grace I just purchased a bottle of no. It is embossed in the bottom Chanel and on the back New York Distributor, I'm glad to send photos and any help is appreciated. It is still sealed. HI Lisa, shoot me an email with your bottle and measurements. Amazing information you have here. I'm interested in bidding on a Chanel parfume but I'm not sure it's real. It only has Chanel on the bottom. Can I email you the link? Hi, Firstly, let me say what an interesting website. I am an avid lover of Chanel No. On the bottom of the bottle it is stamped "bottle made in France" and has what I believe to be HP on one side and the number 5 on the other of the base.

The stopper is square but with slightly rounded edges. It also has an art deco look. Unfortunately there are no other indications that it is Chanel although it smells wonderfully like it. HI, thank you for visiting my site. If you would like to me to check out your bottle, please send photos to me at cleopatrasboudoir gmail. Hello, thank you for providing this very informative resource! I have a 7. I don't see the VB or it's like anywhere in the bottle, but everything else checks out.

Chanel Perfume Bottles: How to Date Chanel Bottles

The Chanel lettering is molded and the bottle appears to be from the 50's according to the bottle dating information you have so generously provided. I can send pictures of necessary. The bottle is almost completely full. Thanks for any information you can provide! Hi Cori, please send all photos to my email at cleopatrasboudoir gmail. Have there been Chanel No 5 parfum bottles produced with a screw on black top?

I've seen one listed on ebay and am not sure if it's authentic. I've seen the cologne bottles with the screw on top, but never the parfum bottles. Hi I have a 28 ml bottle of Chanel No. I have a chanel no. I'm just wondering how much it is worth Please contact me at lezzard gmail.

They originally held a small bottle of Max Factor perfume, I think perhaps a Chanel bottle was placed there after the Max Factor bottle was used up. Chanel never made presentations like this. If you look online you can see various Max Factor Sophisti-Cat perfume presentations. Hello, I have found a Chanel nr 5 parfum 28 ml at a great aunty with the code 1.

At the bottom of the box. I was wondering from what date it could be from. It is still half in its cellophane. So I don't dare to open it more to see the rest before I know more about its background. So could you please help me with the date of this bottle? Do you know if earlier bottles of allure edp or edt womens should have only 1x Chanel written on the base rather than two?

All my bottles of Chanel perfume have two lots of Chanel eitched into base so are ones with only one fake? Also I saw some did not have underlined address either , so is that just vintage bottles of allure or is it fake? Have Chanel No 5 bottle with HJ1 etched in the glass on back bottom of bottle. How old is this? How is the fragrance so strong after all of these years?

I have parfums that start to turn at just 3 years old. This bottle of Chanel smells wonderful and strong with no alcohol smell.

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Hi Grace happy new year, hope you're well. I have a large bottle of chanel no5 8. The bottle is sealed and have 32 oz on a strip of paper at the bottom.. Hi Grace, I have a Chanel no 5, 1. Can I send pics? I just want to make sure it is real. Hello Grace, I found a Chanel No. Also has the number 31B. Would you be able to help me date this bottle? Hi Joyce, it sounds like a 3 digit batch code, which would place it around the s.

Dating Chanel Perfume

Hello Grace I wonder if you advise me whether my recent purchase off ebay of a vintage bottle of Chanel No 5 is authenticate? My main reason to be concerned is that the square label on the bottle and on the inner box isn't on straight. The bottle has a fat stopper but the wax seal doesn't have a c or cc on it. The base of the bottle has Chanel and 32 molded on it and also a B. The inner box has Extrait P. M and Made in France on the bottom, also on the central label there's a 4 digit number indented but I can't make it out and it doesn't appear anywhere else. The outer box has the same plus 1.

Thank you for your help. Hi, the fact that the base has the Chanel name molded into the glass tells me the bottle is authentic. Thank you so much for the speedy reply.

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I was really hoping it was going to be ok as I bought it sealed in cellophane so had no idea of what the inner box or bottle looked like. I've managed to make out the first 2 digits of the code and have dated the box to July I don't know if you would be interested in having the measurements of this bottle to add to your blog, if so it measures, bottle height 5. Thank you for your help and for posting such a informative blog. I do not doubt its authenticity, it's too perfect for that, but there are a few questions for me.

The seller didn't know the era, but using the graphic above, I'd have to put it s - 60s. The height seems to match the number above also - being just shy of 2. So to the oddities: There is no "Made in France". I have not opened it yet, because quite frankly, it's too gorgeous and I'm wanting to look at it longer. Does any of this indicate a particular time within the s - 60s range? Is there a way to date these things more closely within that time frame, say within one of the 2 decades? I'm also a bit bemused that there are no indications of origin.

Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated. And now I'm going to have to do the deep dive into the history of No. It certainly indicates to me at least, that this bottle is on the extreme older end of the s - s range, since I would not think the production of Chanel's precious perfume stayed in the US very long post war. Again, thank you for the reply and the avenue of inquiry. I wanted to thank you for your amazing website.

There seems to be an uptick of fakes online and I bought one in a sealed box.. I was able to prove it was a fake by including info from this site. I wanted to ask you about my latest purchase, a GM no.

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The boxes and bottle looks rral, but I found an imperfection by the neck. It wasnt sealed and smells different from my other no. I know you cant tell me about the scent, but maybe give your expertise about the bottle? The 4oz extrait is pretty rare. Could I send you some pictures? In , an advisory report recommended severely limiting the use of 12 ingredients, regarded as the pillars of the luxury perfume industry — such as citral, found in lemon and tangerine oils; coumarin, found in tropical tonka beans; and eugenol, found in rose oil. However just three, citral, atranol and chloroatranol, are now likely to be banned with an investigation taking place into the remaining nine to see if small amounts could be tolerated.

However the perfume industry has complained that even small changes could radically affect scents and sales. We should not ban nature, only learn how to live with it," said Frederic Malle, who founded the French luxury perfume company Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle.

Mr Malle said he was forced to reformulate about a quarter of his scents due to the forthcoming EU regulations, leading to extra costs — but costs which he found difficult to quantify as they also represented time invested to rework the formulas. So to protect a small portion of the population, we are making the rest suffer," he said. Hermes, Dior and Guerlain — both owned by LVMH — have also been preparing themselves for the new rules by progressively changing their formulas.

A draft proposal could be given to EU member states by August and by the following month a final version sent for scrutiny by the European Council and Parliament, which have three months to oppose it. Does anyone have any ideas because just by looking at it, the bar code looks like this is when bar codes were staring to appear on things. Help with Dating a Chanel no 19 Battle of Evermore -- great song Your pics are mighty small, but from what I can see, that looks like a late 80s edition of No.

That ingredient list looks like the one showing the artificial colors used. That style of box was not used for very long, and that particular ingredient list was dropped by around I will hazard a guess that the bottle inside has a paper label glued to the front, another packaging detail that lasted only a few years. The newer bottles have the important info No. I don't think that the bottle dimensions changed at all, meaning you can use the older bottles in the plastic cases that Chanel sold all through the 90s and maybe into the early s?

Have you opened the box yet? Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent. Sorry about the pictures, I tried to make them larger but it was a no go. Now that I have opened the box and looking at the bottle, the juice looks like it is starting to get that yellow color but still has the some of the green color that I associate with no I did find the how to put this in the travel canister.

I can smell that it is the real thing and it smells like it is not the newest version of no 19 in EDT form. The label on the bottle is a clear sticker that does say EDT spray, Chanel no 19, refill and the size all in that order. Help with Dating a Chanel no 19 Oh yeah, I vaguely remember seeing those clear plastic stickers on a few 50 ml refill bottles. I had forgotten about them. Regardless, I am pretty certain your bottle dates to the 80s. I'll try and take some photos of the two types I have.

What you have is definitely not the latest edition of No.

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Help with Dating a Chanel no 19 And here are the photos. The older bottle is on the left. The case is clad in a thin, brushed metal stainless steel? The inner material is plastic. This type of metal-skinned case was used for a few years before Chanel switched to the cases with all-plastic walls, like that on the right. I don't know exactly when this switch occurred, but am fairly certain that Chanel had stopped using the metal-skinned cases by I have tried, but can't get the bottle out of the metal-skinned case.

The best way to check the remaining volume is to turn it upside down. This particular bottle is completely full; when inverted, it has about 1 cm of headspace showing. The bottles themselves are slightly different. The older bottles have straight sides, whereas the newer still "vintage" ones taper slightly at the bottom.

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