Dating someone taking antidepressants

I have begged him to so speak to his psychiatrist, as he is clearly on the wrong medication, and I just know that the right medication will sort him out again. I don't know what to do anymore. I love him very much, and I will support him throughout it all like I always have, but I'm really hurting.

Would You Date Someone on an Antidepressant? Five Things You Should Know About Mental Illness

He says that it feels as though he's losing his mind. I love him and I really don't want to lose him because of something like this, but it feels like he is slipping away from me, and I don't know what to do. Sorry for the rambling, just feeling utterly defeated. Would appreciate any feedback, thank you all in advance xx.

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Hello and welcome to Beyond Blue. It's good that you have found this site and you feel able to write in. I have not been in your situation although in the past I have broken up with boyfriends.

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I still would like to make a couple of suggestions. Please read as much as you can about depression.

Boyfriend recently started Antidepressants

It really is helpful to have some knowledge about how this wretched illness affects people. Explore the tabs at the top of the page, read the information and send for any material you want. You could write to your boyfriend's psychiatrist and explain what is happening. I doubt the psych will respond to you as he is unable to discuss his patients with anyone.

However, it will give him some idea of what is happening if your BF is not being open. However you may cause a rift between yourself and the BF. You also need to be sure the BF really has not told the psych about the things that concern you. You could go and see your GP and ask for some advice on how to manage your own emotions. I think this would be a good thing for you to do. No matter how well or not your BF is traveling it is up to you to manage your own feelings.

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As you said, he is finding it difficult to stay on track. Trying to help you as well is making it more difficult for him. When people are depressed one of the more common outcomes is to push away those people they are close to. They believe they are not good enough, that they are a waste of time, that they will ruin everyone else's life and similar thoughts.

It is the depression speaking.

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Depression really messes with our brains. Why, I have no idea, but this is the case. This is why I suggest talking to your GP who can give you better information than I can. I know it's not what you want to hear and I wish I could give you a foolproof method of helping your BF and returning to your previous relationship.

You can sit down with him and ask him to describe how he feels but do not question him about why he feels that way. When the researchers looked at all the study participants, they found that those taking SSRIs were more likely to say they felt less at ease with sharing their partners' thoughts and feelings, and less wishful that their love for their partner would last forever since they started taking their medication, compared with the people taking tricyclics. They also found the men in the study taking SSRIs reported being less likely to ask their partners for help or advice, or take care of their partners, compared with women who had been taking SSRIs.

On the other hand, women who had been taking tricyclics were more likely to complain about disturbances in their sex life than men who had been taking tricyclics. The investigators were inspired to conduct the new study after their previous research with people in romantic relationships and those suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder found that "serotonin function was more deviant in a state of romantic love , than in obsessive compulsive disorder," Akiskal said.

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It is important that patients with depression communicate openly with their physicians about how they are feeling, he said. Another left her boyfriend after he became verbally abusive and threatened to kill himself if she ever left him. These are legitimately frightening situations, and if you feel that a relationship is not healthy or that if you may be in danger, I do advise you to seek help and get out.

The problem here is that these stories of people with mental illness, which are really stories from around the margin, have become mainstream stories applied with blanket precision to everyone with a mental illness. You know someone with a mental illness. Around 1 in 6 Americans has a mental illness and 1 in 4 families will be affected by mental illness in any given year.

If you know more than six people, chances are, you know someone with a mental illness. Mental illnesses range from popular media portrayals like schizophrenia, eating disorders, and addiction, to subtle diseases like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Unless there are physical manifestations to these illnesses, like being very underweight, you probably would never know a person had any of these conditions. It is all in their head. Kind of like a brain tumor.

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  7. Dating Someone on Anti-depressants.
  8. Using brain scans, researchers have found that the brains of people with depression actually function differently than those without depression. Overtime and without treatment, the structure of their brains actually changed as well. Mental illnesses are no different than any other disease.

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