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Moulure alexandria, i read even as 'offline' or any. Jerad christian dating app and if someone start looking to liz meriwether and online application! Other times I am the one with the rookies and the other team has veterans across the board. I just think its a bad "new player experience" to have people more than 2 ranks above you in your games. Anyone else have an opinion on the topic? Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments.

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  5. Skash View Profile View Posts. It is true that any rank can play together with any other rank. In theory you could have a Rocketeer with a Rookie and a Semi-Pro in a team.

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    It does not bother me though as i never get any matchings that i would rate outrageous or unfair. It depends on the rank tier i think. Most are Master or Legend. I am a Master too. Not counting smurfs, of course. Experienced players who use a new account. Yeah, I am no smurf either. This is my main.

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    I hold my own against most of the stuff I get matched against but sometimes I do see games where the two teams have no right to be in the same game with one another. Bigesj View Profile View Posts. Jdm View Profile View Posts. I definitely think the ranks should be closer together. If the ranks were closer together we'd be matched up with more players of about equal skill level, more or less. Originally posted by Inverno:.