Gemini dating taurus

Mercury has both masculine and feminine energy, and Gemini takes on whichever energy best serves at any given moment. This may be trouble, since Geminis often feel like their quick wits are the most important thing about themselves.

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The good thing is, Gemini is smart enough to learn to be the romantic, sensual partner that Taurus craves. Gemini makes decisions based on intellect and whim , while Taurus is more practical.

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If Taurus gives in to those Bullish possessive feelings, or if Gemini is aloof and detached as they often are , this relationship may suffer. Both Signs must strive to stay open and flexible in order to make this union work.

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Though Gemini seems unpredictable, Taurus can learn to understand that although Gemini may flirt, the relationship is still important to them. What these statements are really trying to convey is a difference in thinking.

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  8. Geminis tend to think things through while they talk. This why they often change their minds, or make a faux pas; they are thinking things out as they go along. Taureans, on the other hand, prefer to do their thinking in silence, and because they do an awful lot of thinking, they tend to be silent much of the time! This doesn't necessarily have to be a deal breaker; it just means that both of you need to exercise a lot of patience!

    Why Taurus and Gemini Go Great Together | PairedLife

    The social difference between Taurus and Gemini is also telling. Taurus tends to be a stay-at-home, Gemini likes to go out and socialize.

    Taurus runs the risk of running ragged and Gemini runs the risk of feeling bored to tears! As is underscored by their different speech patterns, Taurus and Gemini think very differently. This, in turn, can have real world consequences for the two of you. Whether it has to do with something as time consuming as taking care of the finances or something as seemingly benign as cooking dinner, Taurus and Gemini both have different approaches!

    That complexity is a far cry from the world of the Taurus soul. Taurus is represented by the bull in astrology — a slow paced and docile animal, but also fierce if provoked and certainly not to be trifled with. And just as bulls helped pull ploughs in olden times, Taurus people are always keen to lend a hand. These are generous and giving people, but also as territorial and stubborn as a bull too in many respects.

    A Taurus host might give you the best dinner he can provide, for instance, but certainly would draw the line at letting you run free in his larder.

    Taurus Man and Gemini Woman

    He earned that feast for himself. But of course, chief among the concerns of Taurus people — not that these laid back individuals have many of those — is merely the idea of a simple, enjoyable existence. While Taurus folks can certainly be ambitious, they take life slow and steady, seeing no reason to stress. Similarly, the placid pace of life that Taurus prefers will feel like plodding through treacle for Gemini. Of course, the Taurus man is often a handsome devil in his own right, with an earthy charm and a winning smile — after all, George Clooney was born under this very star sign. Not in the sense of being scatterbrained — although there can be a touch of that in Gemini folks — as much as being scattered among dozens of activities and pursuits with various people.

    A lively energy backed up by wit and flirtation will eventually pick up though, and the dates that the Gemini woman and Taurus man in love go on often mix the intellectual and the romantic to superb effect. However, the Taurus man will notice as time goes on that entering a relationship does little to slow the Gemini woman down. She will still be flitting to and fro among countless friends and family members, and always has places to go and people to see. Yet her detached air and refusal to keep still every so often to indulge his romantic overtures does more harm than help too.

    The Gemini man, being the natural actor that he is, can certainly play the role here — but can he play for keeps? His is a superb gift of the gab, with a natural affinity for wordplay and fast comebacks that allow him to effortlessly slide into or out of as many social circles as he pleases. The Taurus woman enjoys feeling a dependable rhythm in life, and it might be difficult establishing that with the Gemini man — his plans change on the fly.

    The Positives

    This is mostly harmless, albeit with a chance to leave the Taurus woman in the lurch sometimes — but he should still be careful.