Blue and jada bgc hook up

There was a lot more footage of linsey being annoying but it was cut out. Jada tried giving Linsey a chance since they both from NY but it didn't clearly workout. The other girls had an issue with Alex because she felt she wasn't black enough. Alex walked in talking about being a model and complaining about the jacuzzi being broke, and the other girls couldn't relate. And that girls didn't like Jada because she felt since she was white she shouldn't be talking nor interested in rap.

Loren didn't want to talk to jada about her issues with her and was just yelling at her. Jada walked away to talk to Blue and that's when Loren decided to fight her.

The Families Of The Cartel

Apparently everyone was pissed because Alex made a comment she was closest to Jada in the house. Loren kept the grudge against Jada the entire time in the house and never apologized to Jada. The girls don't get to go out a lot to clubs like they make it seem. Aysia and Jada are still close despite their dumb fight. They took a shower together, they became roommates and just got real close after their altercation during filming.

The producers put the x on loren's face cause they knew she would pop off about it. Jada thinks a lot of the girls like loren was faithful BGC fans and cared about how they gonna look. And how they don't like how this girl get's more camera time.

Bad Girls Club Chicago Reunion Part 2!!

Hence why Loren attacked Slim for always walking in front of her. Jada told Alex her real name and why she chooses not to use it. But Alex still flip flopped and searched her name and shared it with the other girls. Then got faux mad at Jada. Jada doesn't hold a grudge and is cool with Alex. Redd and Jada where just joking around and it wasn't that deep.


The producers just drug it out to make it seemm much more relevant than it was. Redd is the type of girl that like to pick at things that girls are annoyed at just for the fun of it.

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Jada took one for the team and cuddled with Slim's friend. Because if Jada didn't both Slim's boyfriend and his friend. Would leave at like 3: Jada had no intentions of sleeping with homeboy. Jada was trying to be abstinent during the season but hooked up with that lesbian. Jada can't see herself going down on a girl, but would recieve oral from a girl. But wouldn't date or marry a girl. The girls wouldn't let it go and kept pressuring Jada to admit jada she was gay. Jada doesn't mess with Blue because she feels Blue is a damn snake.

When the family came over that was the first time in two years she saw them. There was an issue in the club not really shown she let Redd know why. Redd brings it up again outside the club. When Redd drinks she gets really violent, but despite all the attacks. Jada put up her hair because she feared that redd would hit laura, jada didn't care about the x on her face.

What happened with the loren and jada at the phone booth. Jada came back in the house form the hotel no one wanted to talk to her, so she called a cab so she could go shopping. But that didn't happen because Loren attacked her in the phone booth. Blue only disliked Jada because of Lo. Like Blue was gonna drive Jada somewhere, but ended the trip when Lo came in the room. Aysia was calm and cool. The reason Aysia wanted to fight Redd, was because Redd said the entire way home from Lake Geneva she was gonna fight aysia.

Aysia and Diamond where stupid for sticking with Blue. Because Blue was upfront she wasn't in a relationship with either girls and was with both of them. Dalila 2nd replacement she was like a linsey x10, Made a lot of racist comments. She attacked the girls calling them whores and it escalated in two days.

Dalila would make comments then forget. Britt was so turnt up and wanted to fight Jada the entire season. But jada never knew this Raisha Lo's cousin was pretty and could sing. Jada told the producers at the reunion she was there talking about Britt being close to her but hating her. And didn't want to fight, and the producers assured her that it didn't happen. Jada was jumped at the reunion by three other girls.

Jada BGC12 Talks: Alex being picked on, Fighting, Her Sexuality, BGC13 Tea etc......

And they want to revamp the show but twice during the reunion two foul things happened to Jada. Jada thought the girls behavior was worse at the reunion than it was on the show. It was nasty the way the girls went in, and even Blue's behavior was so shocking and left field.

She joined season 13 because she took the challenge to see how long she could go without fighting. And to be in the house with the so called baddest girls of all time was insane. Plus there is a rule that if the women fight they are sent home and don't receive the money bonus for making it to the end. Natalie is the biggest actress of all time, she was extremely phony nice to Jada. Natalie was like we are gonna be best friends, Jada pulled away from her because Natalie tried to run the house. Natalie felt that if she did something nice you should be her follower, and she freaked out when she didn't get her way.

BGC12 Episode 14 Sneak Peak 2

The fight was so huge it shook the entire house. Judi followed Jada around and made voodoo noises around her. Jada didn't pee in Judi's body wash, she was just joking around. Sarah was a liar and very sneaky about things. And since girls can't fight they would find other ways to mess with each other.

Did she kill him? Can you say dumber than a box of rocks?

Bad Girls Club Recap: Diamonds are not Forever – TrashTalkTV

No wonder he overdosed but did this girl have anything to do with him dying? She left his apartment with his credit card though, it definitely sounds suspect to me. How can she steal from a man she was obviously tricking with and then the man ends up dead the next day? Shannade is being charged with one count of conspiracy, one count of fraud and a third count of aggravated identity theft. I cringe when I hear stories like this, our generation today has no respect for anyone, they are rude, mean, evil, entitled and nasty.

It was just a matter of time that Karma was going to show up and show out just as they did on the hit reality show. What is Shannon thinking about her sisters actions? Where are their parents? They must have fooled us and Oxygen as well, we thought they came from money and lived a lavish lifestyle, we witnessed them bragging about this or that, on the show, what happened McClure twins?

Praying for the family of the man who was robbed and found dead in his apartment, my heart goes out to them. The ladies of the Bad Girls Club arrive at the Reunion set and they are ready to lay hands on their enemies.

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Erica and Tanisha were ready for part 1 of the reunion. The Bad Girls Club: East Meets West Season 17 are ready to talk through their differences and settle old beefs, but we were in for a surprise when someone decides to skip the reunion. Key is still a bully but she does support these girls. She had a concert in Las Vegas and allowed Seven to DJ and she allowed DeShayla to be the hype woman, so for her not show up for the reunion makes her a coward.

Erica Mena is back and she has been a voice of reason for these girls and we know how Erica gets down. She did a lot of fighting on Love and Hip Hop NY, to watch her mentoring and advising these ladies is refreshing, maybe she has changed her behavior to be a better person. She was invisible in the house anyway but Key protected her from the other girls and so did Seven. Being fake and using Key and Seven as a shield from the other girls?

I never liked her anyway!! However, she has been making subliminal tweets on Twitter about her so called girls. Be a woman and stick up for yourself. I never saw Key or Seven tearing up until this reunion, they felt betrayed on how Shay flipped flopped towards the other girls once they were told to pack their things, they are going home. The other girls realized Shay was by herself and they reached out to her and they all had fun.

That really made them upset, they were the 3 musketeers and by her not showing up to the reunion makes her a scary hoe. Sayora, Kiwanna and Francesca were up first to talk to Tanisha and she had a lot to say about them all but she thinks Francesca dress was cute, that shit was ugly as HELL! Next up was Seven and Key, as soon as Seven sat down she began taking off her shoes, she was ready for a fight. Key was so upset she stormed off the stage where Erica gives her a piece of advice, the same woman who fought every chance she got but I do see a change in Erica. Key returned to the stage and she recognized some of her actions, she said she was never a bully but I beg to differ.

That outfit she had on was a hot mess but her hair was pretty, she needs to hire a stylist. She claims she wants to be a lady and not a hood chick who is always fighting.