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They are highly argumentative. They are too academic-oriented and career-oriented to be in a satisfying relationship. They will not have time for your favorite out-of-town trips, for a relaxing museum walk, or for a honeymoon. They will forever reason out that they have recitations tomorrow, that they have reading backlogs, that they have law school.

Your law student lover will spend more time in coffee shops and in the library than with you.

Do Not Date a Law Student

The stress levels that they experience inside their law classrooms make them grumpy and moody. Your patience will definitely be put to the test.

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  • Do not date a law student, and thank yourself for saving your heart from a chaotic affair. This goes out not just to law students, but to all professions and occupations who are living a very hectic lifestyle.

    A guide to dating a fellow law student | Ohio Law Students

    Just like everyone else, law students are capable of feeling, of loving, and they have emotional needs to be satisfied as well. Law students may seem like machines in reading their codals, but inside the comprehending machine is a heart that beats. Do not date a law student if you want to have no future.

    As this is true with all other professions, a law student dedicates most of his time to his readings in order to build a future — a stable future that he is planning to spend with you.

    10 Struggles Only Girls Who Are Dating a Law Student Will Understand

    Dreams entail sacrifices and compromises, and it is what law students has recognized. If you are still working during happy hours and other social events, if weekends are devoted to writing briefs or studying for your next law school exam, you will love this unique opportunity to find romance on the Web. Lawyers in Love was created by a practicing attorney, and was specifically designed with lawyers, law students, legal professionals, and their schedules and interests in mind.

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