How do you hook up halo headlights

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  2. How to install the halo led projector headlight | Tacoma World.
  3. Step 2 – Remove headlight trim ring!
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Mikeymyk11 , Jul 16, Mar 17, Member: Male Parsippany, NJ Vehicle: Reistlehr- , Jul 17, So these lights are actually bright? Because somewhere I read they weren't but I really want these..

Step 1 – Protect the paint

Which ones would be brighter? I want them blue.. Mikeymyk11 , Jul 17, Jan 11, Member: Male East Bay, CA. Jul 22, Member: Jim So Cal Vehicle: Magna Flow cat back exhaust.

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Tugboatdude , Jul 23, Mikeymyk11 , Jul 23, Jun 27, Member: Viet South Florida Vehicle: Blacked out is the way to go. Viet , Jul 23, Aug 28, Member: Angel eyes with white LED lit rings will have wires that need to be wired into your side-light wiring. The LED lights rely on the side-light wiring; they do not work independently. Most lights that are LED normally come complete with headlight bulbs. Gather up the white and black wires on the rear of the halo headlights and collect them into one pair of white wires and one pair of black wires or red and black.

How To Wire After-Market Angel Eye/DRL Headlights & What's involved.

You then connect the ground wire from your aftermarket light to the ground wire on your vehicles side-light wiring. Then you connect the power wire from your aftermarket lights to your LIVE side-light wire, and not your signal light wire. You will find a fair few ways to connect the two wires together however what we recommend is using a scotchlok.

It properly connects the two wires together without any cutting of any of the wires yourself.

If you are experienced with wiring, you can splice them. After that you test the lights to see if they are working properly by turning on your parking light.

Halo Ring Angel Eye Headlights - Proper Installation

Firstly, some projector halo headlights have plug that pre-assembled, so it is simply plug-N-play; however for rest of the halo projector headlights, you will find there are some wires coming out, and the wires will include red, white or black wires. To determine which wire is for power and ground is confusing, due to the fact different brands could use wires in different colors; on the other hand, the typical rule is if you see red wires, it is generally to the power, if you see black wire it is generally to the ground.

So, for example, if you see red and white wires, the red is to power and white to ground; if you see white and black wires, the white to the power and black to the ground. You can always try to connect the wires to the power source and ground and test out which one is for the power and ground, or you can also email us and get an answer. Do not wire the halo or the LED lights to the turn signal lights because you do not want your halo ring to blink with the turn-signals!

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  • We highly recommend using a wire clamp or T-tap you can find these t-tap in store like Autozone or Pepboys. The t-tap or clamps will make the wiring connection easier and faster and also safer. Quite simply it is a small clamp were to put two different wires together and close down on a locking clamp.

    How To Wire After-Market Angel Eye/DRL Headlights & What's involved.

    It properly connects the two wires together without any cutting of any of the wires yourself. If the halo does not light up, double check to see whether you have the wires connected properly. Try to reverse the wires around or directly tap the wires to the battery to test again. Install back the Projector Headlights and put back the bumper.