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Your boyfriend wants to see you in a dress and you kindly allow it Whether you like wearing dresses or not, accept it!


What kind of dress do you choose? A dark blue, short, strapless. A green basque waist: He's making you wear an apron and a thong. A silver A-line dress: Creates the illusion of an hour glass like on a black widow. A soft pink baby doll dress: Basically, if you want to show off your curves, this is not the one for you. A black chiffon style dress: Shoulder less, backless, the strap is around your neck. Favorite type of food from the following.

To be honest, I started running out of ideas; so, I don't really know what I'm doing here. The bullying scene is very popular. What would you do if you saw some poor kid being beat up or what-not by a group of other kids? Summon a monster with my duel disk to scare the kids.

Yugioh gx dating quiz

Put yourself between them and the kid. Taking the hits for him but standing up for him until they decide to leave. Give the kid some advice. Yell at the group of kids like a stern parent causing one of them to cry.

You don't care, they deserved it! Kick a soccer ball that magically appeared at the bullies faces scaring them and causing them to run away. Stand my ground no matter how nervous I am and get beat down. Challenge the lead bully to a duel to never bother this kid again. Knock all of the kids unconscious. By the way, their souls are missing. Throw a hissy fit at the bullies, effectively scarring them. Note you are now known as a crazy bitch.

Grab the bullies wrist before he throws a punch flip him and his friends with ease and tell them to stop. Just beat the crap out of them, 'cause you know I've got places to be. Laugh in amusement as you watch from a roof top. Which character is it? Shun Shun Rikka Bleach. Hana Hana no Mi One Piece. Ward of Absolute Suspension Code Geass. Crow Claw Deaman Wonderland. You are fighting an opponent to the death, card game or not.

Which Yugioh 5ds Character Do You Duel Like?

Which of the following do you do: D Stand your ground no matter how nervous you are. F Surrender and end up a prisoner. H Talk smack and then get killed. I Continue to fight even though your actually unconscious. J Kill your opponent but fail and end up killed in return. Or L Pass out. K Wait for someone to rescue you. You have the chance to duel any of the following duelists. Who do you choose? Study of Leonardo's 1st landscape finds he had second thoughts.

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