House wilson and chase go speed dating

Obsessed blog author Frankie's lack of respect for privacy endangers her relationship with Taylor, but he stands by her unconditionally while the team comes up with daunting diagnoses. House taunts Wilson, who tampered with his porn, after finding out he played in a tacky college buddy's early movie. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Summaries 2 Synopsis 1. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. My top female TV Charakters. Meanwhile, House and Wilson pry into each other's personal lives in search of embarrassing secrets of each other's pasts.

At first, I wanted to punch the POTW in the face because I thought she was a bloody obnoxious attention-whore, then I felt sorry for her because she thinks the only way to communicate your thoughts and feelings is if you blog about them, especially with her relationship to her spouse.

House, Wilson and Chase speed dating was hilarious. I thought House found his "soul mate" with the last woman who was cleverly lying about herself and House has a problem with that? Chase showed off his leadership skills in this episode, including his ability to prank House and get away with it. He was rather adorable in the way he admitted to buying the books and bringing them to work.

The side plot with Wilson the ex-porn star was also entertaining. I wonder how long House had that porn film of Wilson and the printed posters to plaster his office and the hospital wall?

Well, first of all I don't think Chase is that much better looking than Wilson. House got two people interested in talking to him after the speed dating - that's pretty amazing. That was pretty rotten of House to spread the Forest Nymph thing all round the hospital. House would be a really annoying person to have around - he ferreted the whole thing out from Wilson returning some DVDs.

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This episode makes me wish that they hadn't gone the comedic route with House's father. It would have been interesting to see him make an attempt to connect with his bio-dad. I'm sure there's a message in the POTW of the week somewhere about not spending all your time in the virtual world instead of the real world.

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I'm glad though that they didn't have her 'change her ways' by the end of the episode - she's still opening up the computer to tell her readers all about it. The 'House thinking' montage was good, as was the way he epiphanied is that a word? Has anyone ever done a count of how the epiphanies are sparked?

Wilson On Speed - House M.D.

I'm sure Wilson would be the leading cause: At the same time. The potw was very annoying.

Episode Discussion Post - 6x14 "Private Lives" - House Rewind

I felt sorry for her neighbor, not so much her boyfriend. He can leave and chooses not to, which really makes me wonder about him. It was fun seeing a show acknowledge how shallow people can be, of both genders.

It was made slightly ironic by tptb having the 'hot' girl be the special one who doesn't lend Chase her car. I wish the show hadn't gone the comedic route with anything--except 'be not afraid. I found the ending very sad.

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Edited at I loved the moment when Wilson decides not to go with making the book of sermons public, and I always figured it was because he knew this was serious. Yeah - Wilson was really the better man there.

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And at that point he didn't even know the connection to House's dad. Yes, it was sad that House couldn't find anything in the book to help him - but as Wilson points out reaching out to the man himself would have been more productive although difficult. Of course as it turns out the guy isn't his bio-father anyway so there's nothing to find there. Yes, it was very sad House couldn't connect with the man he thinks is his father.